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Alleged ringleader seeks bail in $4.8M gold truck heist

A bail hearing is set for the Florida man accused of orchestrating the heist of $4.8 million in gold bars from a truck along Interstate 95 in North Carolina.

Prosecutors want a judge at Tuesday's hearing to keep 46-year-old Adalberto Perez jailed until his trial. Perez's attorney is seeking bail.

Perez faces robbery and firearm charges in the 2015 heist. The FBI says Perez used a GPS device to track the tractor-trailer and released pepper spray by remote control to sicken the driver and a passenger before the robbery in Wilson County, North Carolina.

The 275-pound load of gold was heading from Miami to Massachusetts when three armed thieves intercepted it, bound the hands of the two people in the truck and fled in a van. More arrests are expected.

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Source: The Associated Press MIAMI — Mar 8, 2016

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