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Cyber, Privacy & Data Breach

Cyber, Privacy & Data Breach 

Technology has brought vast improvements. It has also introduced significant risk in the form of viruses, data breaches, loss of income and reputation, intellectual property infringement and violation of privacy laws.  These incidents continue to grow rapidly; however, losses arising from identity theft, hackers, security failures, invasion of privacy, e-business interruption and cyber extortion threats, are only covered by comprehensive Cyber, Privacy and Data Breach insurance policies.


Cyber, Privacy & Data Breach insurance
If you think that only large, “hi-tech” companies need Privacy and Data Breach insurance, it is important to know that retailers, health care institutions and financial institutions are some of the most highly targeted industries, with companies with under 1,000 employees suffering almost half of all incidents. Perpetrators may operate well outside our borders, but by some estimates, more than 50% of all data breaches are carried out by insiders within their own company.
Target Classes


  • Commercial Entities of all types

  • Financial Institutions / Financial Services

  • Governmental Entities

  • Healthcare / Hospitals                      

  • Payment Card Industries

  • Professional Services        

  • Retailers                        

  • Technology companies     



Third Party

  • Failure to Protect Data

  • Privacy Law Violations

  • Unauthorized Collection / Transmission of Data

  • Negligence

  • Social Engineering

  • Denial of Service

  • Computer Virus

  • Intellectual Property



First Party

  • Business Interruption

  • Data Restoration

  • Crisis Management Expense 

  • Privacy Regulatory Defense, Penalties and Expenses                                         


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