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Worst year for tornados since 2008

A series of tornadoes have struck the South and Mid-Atlantic US, making 2016 the worst year for such storms in the area since 2008, according to catastrophe modelling firm RMS.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Feb 22/23, a severe weather outbreak in the South and Mid-Atlantic US lead to 31 confirmed tornadoes, damaging over 340 buildings and mobile homes, causing 111,000 power outages, and killing at least 7 people across more than a dozen states, according to RMS.

At least six tornadoes on the Tuesday have been rated Enhanced Fujita (EF) 2 or stronger, including two damaging tornadoes that hit Lamar County, Mississippi, and Convent, Louisiana, in addition to at least EF3 damage from a tornado that hit near Pensacola, Florida

As of February 24, the total number of preliminary tornado reports since January was 132, compared to the 2005-2015 average of 95. It also makes 2016 the most active year thus far since 2008, when the total number of preliminary tornado reports was 360 as of February 24, said RMS.

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