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Private Client

Private Client 

ASR provides specialized insurance solutions for high value homeowner properties. This coverage is distinct in that it can be tailored to the unique needs of homeowners with properties valued in excess of $750,000 and preferably higher.  For homes with these values or those that are secondary or coastal properties, standard homeowners insurance is not an ideal fit and does not recognize the unique coverage needs of high value clientele.


We can customize homeowners policies with valuable policy options, including Personal Liability, Fine Arts and Valuables, Watercraft, Flood and Builders Risk.


High Value Homeowners Insurance

We offer flexibility in the type and amount of coverage, as well as many options for deductibles, credits and billing. Whether it is a custom-built primary residence or a dream vacation home on the coast, we work with leading insurers to tailor coverage and make it as customized as the properties themselves.

Target Classes


  • Apartments

  • Condominiums

  • Cooperatives 

  • Custom built residences

  • Town Homes


  • Builders Risk

  • Owner Occupied

  • Secondary, Seasonal and Coastal Dwellings

  • Tenant Occupied

  • Vacant Dwellings

  • Trusts or LLCs

  • Risks with losses, unprotected risks and high profile individuals

  • Will consider Mold Buy-Back, EFIS Construction



  • Up to $50m any one location in non-catastrophe areas (higher limits available)

  • Up to $20m any one location in catastrophe areas (higher limits available)

  • Minimum Coverage A of $750,000

  • All Risk or Named Perils Policies Available

  • Full Replacement Cost on Dwelling & Contents, All Risk Contents, Extended Replacement Cost on Dwelling, Ordinance & Law, Water / Sewer Back-up

  • Fine Arts and Valuables

  • Flood

  • Liability

  • Watercraft

  • Builders Risk

  • Identity Theft

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We accept all applications - or you can contact us and we will send you one of ours. Submit applications, brief narrative and minimum of 3 years carrier loss runs to


Narrative/Underwriting Information:  

  • Who is the incumbent carrier including expiring term?

  • Did the incumbent non-renew? If so, why?

  • Does your agency control the account?

  • List of markets approached (including other brokers)

  • Target premium

  • Quote “Need-By” Date

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Charlotte, NC 28281 |  Tel: 704.358.0447

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