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Known for its romantic and artistic French soil, it seems that the advent of each brand to let the world cherished their elegant and perfect, and life is rich in passion, every woman in the world to intoxicate. Hermes belt is another classic.

France, dating back to 1837, that era as the main means of transport and entertainment to horseback riding, saddle and harness goods are very popular, so he decided to engage in the production of the saddle and harness supplies. Soon, Hermes favored by many noble guests with exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite craft and get 1867 Expo and Awards. This has laid a solid foundation to build a Hermes leather Kingdom. The Hermes Horse Products sold a while, but after the car came to a large landslide. Di Aili's son, Charlie, to make the decision to switch to leather goods and luggage, to create a new style, not only have not been eliminated, but the family business to flourish, Hermes out of Paris to the world. Suddenly, Hermes belts became many recognize sought after brand. Since then, the young third-generation president of the Emir let Hermes diversified into a bump caused by soft woman, literally from an upright Tough Guys subtly exquisite craftsmanship for wallet, handbag, travel bag, watches, belt, and some sports aids. The this Houaimashi quickly take off, so admired!

Group Kingdom, harness manufacturing started in 2012 to mark the 175 anniversary of solemn. Experienced the Five Dynasties heritage and brilliant white years since maintained a classic and high quality, virtue consistently uphold traditional spirit of Hermes Wang Guoyi established luxury consumption does not fall.
Hermes president of their interpretation of the brand

Hermes luxury Kingdom "otherness" - he never think of themselves as "luxury goods company, they say: Hermes, pop and fashion do not belong to Hermes, Hermes just adhere to the selection of the best traditional material and handmade, so classic and when the alliance. "life and art can be how close to thinking you can have much space.

Hermes leather belts, creating movement and elegance extremely traditional.

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We offer customers simple, quality, elegance and harmony, but more important is provided to customers to be assured durable.

I do not need that to blindly buy brand-name consumer, I hope they personally touch, smell, appreciation, because only after the owners personal temperament steeped, it will have a life. So much Hermes belt in sales is the most delicate, the most luxurious, most extravagant format, as it is in the manufacturing, distribution and promotion of a dream, the dream of a beautiful world.

Hermes watch a movement are state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics process of crystallization.

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