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2013 World luxury brands have price the Celine bag price increase 500usd

According to media reports Beijing, the capital of a number of high-end shopping malls, CHANEL, DIOR and Celine luxury or more obvious. The Guomao a Celine counters, Queen of ordinary cortex Celine smiley bag is priced at 20,000 usd, with price rises of about 1.7 million compared to $ 3,000; the CHANEL counter Shin Kong "CLASSIC" series double pack cover No. purses prices before about 37,500 usd prices after the price of 41,200 usd; DIOR classic "LADY DIOR" queen sheepskin bag priced at 32,500 usd, compared with $ 2.9 million price rises increased 3500 usd. Luxury brand Louis Vuitton will be at the end of the month across the board price increase 3% to 5% of CARTIER also said it "will certainly rise.

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By the impact of the economic downturn in the first quarter sales of luxury brands in paris lost the high-speed growth, flat growth, individual brands or even declining sales. Recently, however, several luxury brands are still routine prices.

Currently, most women like the fashion bag shall Celine is one of the many big-name actress out Street's favorite single product, she is not only stylish and elegant, and it is designed for women to create fashion brand, show women charm and self-confidence. French luxury brand Celine smiling face bag 2012 new winter bags, women's favorite fashion one of the section of the bag!

In recent years, the luxury brand price increases has become the norm, more international brands raise prices two or three times the number of last year. However, the price of these brands is not fixed, and price increases generally with the raw material prices, the tax rate related. Professionals predict The luxury brand Gangster celine This increase is likely to lead to the other brands to follow up. However, the reporter learned from USA mall the china luxury overall sales in the first quarter of this year lost a high growth trend of the past, growth is flat. However, each brand as part of the brand or even declining sales.

Reporter called yesterday celine nationwide district public relations person in charge, for celine products prices, the person noncommittal. The source stressed that this newspaper: the celine product price adjustment is based on currency exchange rates and raw material prices make corresponding adjustments and time without any relationship, about what category rose is not fixed. "Guangzhou Friendship (10.76,0.46, 4.47%) of the relevant responsible person said, Cartier, Celine international brands in the first quarter of this year, prices have not, has not yet received notice of price increases, but does not exclude the possible price increases next.

Professionals said that the addition to luxury prices, ordinary clothing brand is mid-prices, this year, summer is generally about 10% of the price increases, but taking into account the current economic environment, two years ago, crazy costumes or the past, each time celine bags prices the magnitude of up to 20 ~ 30%.


Celine leather bag is very soft, also maintained a good shape, is a wardrobe essential single product, the only drawback is the Mini size no shoulder strap, the bag itself heavier, take a long time to feel the arm muscles known.

Celine 2013 spring and summer bags each product new innovative personality Celine smiling face bag and the swing bag became a fashion week outside the most beautiful, the most eye-catching single product.

Celine headed it bag - smiley tote, I believe we have already seen from the variety of the influx of people star who figure Fashion Week Spring 2013 show off the street shooting guru also capture to see the show influx of people who smiley tote. The large trumpet Qi battle goes haha face seems to tell us, smiling face next year bag will still scarlet yo.

Celine represents a new way of life, a lot of the big-name actress with the exposure of this bag is the highest, from the hands of women as its exquisite brand designed for women to create designer ingenuity design of this series of autumn and winter, one of the most popular single product.

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